Many companies are experiencing a salesforce shift. Driven by the pandemic, “the Great Resignation,” and a retiring workforce, companies are challenged to transform their sales operating model to adapt. How does your business build solutions with a future salesforce in mind? A less experienced workforce may not have the repetitions, but they can generate efficiency if given the right tools. How can your company respond to a changing workforce?


Here are Some Changes We’ve Helped our Clients Implement to Improve Their Sales Effectiveness.

  • Transform Sales Support

    Adjust sales support teams to enable your sales team to focus on spending time selling in the field.

    • Shift from traditional inside sales roles to centralized shared services

    • Standardize processes cross-functionally to enable scalability and automation

    • Utilize data to prioritize work and pursue the right opportunities

    Drive Toward Self-Service

    Empower your customers and increase internal efficiency by shifting work to self- service tools.

    • Achieve a frictionless customer experience by addressing internal processes before offering self-service tools

    • Develop unified self-service tools that can serve customers, field sales reps, and internal sales support

    • Leverage self-service tools to offset demand on field sales and sales support

  •  Leverage Your CRM

You might already have a CRM, but has it kept up as your business changes? Here are some things to keep in mind to get the most out of your CRM.

    • Capture accurate information directly from the customer to better inform decisions, prioritize work, and forecast demand

    • Gather end-to-end data of the entire sales lifecycle to generate actionable insights to better serve customers

    • Integrate self-service tools with CRM to capture engagement and leads in real-time

There is no one-size-fits-all solution.

As companies experiment accommodating changes in their workforce, we offer these suggestions to consider. Contact us if you are interested in implementing solutions for your sales organization. We’re your Partner to Grow.

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A detail-oriented problem solver, Devon has successfully implemented her client’s growth strategy. Her experience lies in project management, controls testing, risk assessment, change management, data analysis, and process improvement across a broad range of industries. Devon tackles projects with energy and positivity, approaching projects with two primary drivers: deliver excellent work and take care of the client.

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