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At Fisher we believe:

  • The middle market is the engine of our economy
  • Today’s businesses are facing unprecedented technological disruption and global competition
  • In the future of Greater Columbus
  • Experience matters
  • One size does not fit all


Fisher Management Partners is a different kind of business consultancy. We’re Working Partners who engage directly with your executive team and across your business. We identify and address mission critical issues, develop growth strategies and execute tactics through cross-functional capabilities that span from operational excellence through innovation consulting.

As Columbus’ Premier Large and Mid-Market Advisors, we partner with the region’s leading product and service businesses to unlock potential, enhance competitiveness and accelerate growth. The Middle Market is the engine of our economy, but it is experiencing unprecedented technological disruption and global competition. So we designed our business specifically to address the unique needs of these type of businesses. We harness the Midwestern grit and entrepreneurial spirit of the companies that call Columbus home, to spur further growth in our region.

We know that one size does NOT fit all. Larger firms are often cost prohibitive and geographically remote, unable to provide the level of senior attention you deserve, while narrow specialists cannot provide the breadth of service your business demands. Experience matters too because there’s no substitute for a seasoned professional with global experience who rolls up their sleeves to work alongside you and your team.

Our Working Partners are armed with customized processes and frameworks for the mid-market, and designed to balance sharp, analytical and intuitive vision with pragmatic, actionable execution to deliver thought provoking strategies that challenge conventional thinking. But we’re also humble, because we know that people like working with people they like.

Fisher Management Partners are committed professionals who are passionate about business transformation. So let’s get started maximizing your business’s potential.

Need help transforming strategies into results, reducing costs, or building market share?  Fisher Management Partners is your Partner to Grow.  Tap into our proven expertise and robust toolkit today and turn challenges into opportunities for growth.

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