Columbus, Ohio – Fisher Management Partners, the Columbus-based management consulting firm, announced a major rebranding to reflect the type of work it has been delivering to large and middle market businesses in Central Ohio.

“Our Columbus clients tell us they need a new kind of consulting service. They want deep industry and functional expertise, but they also want us working side-by-side with their people – and fitting within their culture,” said Todd Fisher, Managing Partner. “They are looking for an experienced partner to help their team address a difficult challenge. They don’t want a large team of outsiders to take over a project. They want a more collaborative approach that allows the client to own the change.”

When asked about the goals for his firm, Fisher replied  “Our aim is to partner with the leading product and service businesses in the Columbus Region. Often, a company will have clear goals for growth, but has challenges developing and executing the plans to achieve them.  We can help. Our senior team can provide the insights, facilitation skills and experience they need to move forward with their strategies. We chose Partner to Grow as our tagline to emphasize this commitment to our clients’ success.” 

Working Partners

“We built our business by establishing long-term working relationships and deep knowledge of our clients’ businesses” said Pete Beckwith, Senior Partner. “We made an early commitment to our Working Partner model, which means each Fisher partner is fully involved in project delivery.  They are working ‘hands-on’, and not just promoting work for others to execute. It makes us more effective than many of our competitors, where partners primarily sell projects that are executed with less experienced resources.”

“…each Fisher partner is fully involved in project delivery. They are working ‘hands-on’, and not just promoting work for others to execute.”

 –  Pete Beckwith, Senior Partner

Five New Service Lines

Fisher offers a broad set of five management consulting services aligned with the needs of corporate executive teams. Strategy Execution, Finance Solutions, Customer Experience, Value Chain Transformation, and Technology Solutions encompass the breadth of the services provided by Fisher Management Partners. Information about each service line is available on their website.

Experience Pays Off

The firm was started in 2015 by Todd Fisher and a small team of former “Big 4” consulting veterans.  Almost immediately, they experienced heavy demand and needed to expand. After several years of 20+ percent growth, Fisher now includes a diverse team consisting of high-level executives from large multi-national corporations, industry professionals and technology entrepreneurs. While many team members are alumni of major consulting firms, each member of the firm also has years of corporate experience in areas such as go-to-market strategy, customer-facing operations, supply chain, finance, software and technology strategy. A common thread runs through each member of the Fisher team – they call Columbus home and want to see the Columbus Region thrive.

About Fisher Management Partners

Fisher Management Partners is a specialized consulting firm designed to address the unique needs of large and middle market businesses. With a focus on critical, cross-functional initiatives in strategy execution, finance, customer experience, value chain, and technology, Fisher partners with clients in the Columbus Region to achieve strategic and operational business objectives driven by two types of need:

  • Execution of new corporate transformation strategies
  • Rapid corporate expansion through acquisition, equity infusion, or market growth

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